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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To Whom it May Concern...

Here's what happens when you aren't nice to the diabetes get nasty grams. Austin City Limits: consider yourself warned. To get the rest of the story, read below. 

To Whom it May Concern: 

I am writing regarding my experience at the Rebirth Brass Band show last Saturday. It was a great show and I’m glad I had the chance to attend. However, I need to voice a serious concern. 

My friend and I came to the event, arriving somewhere around 7, because we’d planned to eat there. There was a laundry list of menu items listed on the website that would be served at this event, so we had planned to make use of that. That being said, we thought arriving at 7 was actually plenty early. As it was, there was only a little side table offering crawfish étouffée with dirty rice—and that was it. Just as we walked up to order, we were politely told that they had just run out. We couldn’t seem to find anyone in the place who knew about any other food, and the attendant of the table herself said she didn’t know if more food was coming. Therefore, we had to leave and make alternate plans. 

We knew the drill coming back in would be to check our bags at the top of the stairs. When I opened mine to check, the security staff asked me to remove items so she could see the bottom, and as I did, she saw a Big Bird juice box in my bag. I should probably pause here to inform you that  I have type 1 diabetes, and that juice box is what I use as emergency treatment when my blood sugar is low to prevent more severe emergencies. She informed me of your policy of no outside food or drink—which I completely understand, but please take note that I don’t bring Big Bird juice boxes with me because I’m afraid I won’t like what you have. In fact, I would have really liked it if you had what you said you were going to; unfortunately, alcohol also doesn’t help a situation involving low blood sugar. I explained my situation multiple times, and in fact, as we were looking through my bag, there was other food that I had completely forgotten was in there. I offered for her to take it, and she said no. I offered to show her my MedicAlert ID—she said she didn’t need to see it. I offered to show her my meter—she said she didn’t need to see that, either.  The only thing she really seemed to care about was that I had this juice box in my bag. She made me promise multiple times to only use it if I had an emergency. 

I completely understand that the times we live in have necessitated extra security measures, but I don’t think they have necessitated humiliation, which is exactly what I experienced. You may want to argue that I could use something else to treat low blood sugars, but honestly, I don’t think I should have to. I can assure you, my intention was not to sell said juice box or consume it out of boredom. If anything, I was being responsible, and while I don’t think that necessitates commendation, I do think it deserves dignity. 

In my 30+ years as a type 1, I have never experienced that level of humiliation surrounding my condition. I have fought hard to be “normal”, and to have your security staff--who probably has no knowledge of such conditions--detain me over a juice box when it’s been explained over and over what its intended use is, is nothing short of infuriating. To say that I have no desire to return to your facility anytime soon is an understatement. 

I really do appreciate your time and consideration in reading this. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments. 


Cassie Moffitt